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Amit Bakshi - IMG_3131Amit Bakshi - IMG_4204Amit Bakshi - Madrid Sept 2015 - 90 of 154Amit Bakshi - Madrid Sept 2015 - 146 of 154BillJorgensen  Death Ride-1BillJorgensen  Leap of faith-2BillJorgensen  Running on the Edge-3Deb Paterson - Great Horned Owl -1Deb Paterson - Purple Martin Female- 3Deb Paterson - Red-Winged Blackbird - 2Deb Paterson- Heron Quarrel-5Deb Paterson- Orca Breaching-4gbowron1-splish splashgbowron2-gulls on a deltsgbowron3-pacific slowgbowron4-spreading a leafgbowron5-shake it offgbowron6-up to my eyebrowsJudy Johnston - Rotating water bubblesJ_Whyte_motion 1