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Abundance-Richard BoyleBeauty From Any Angle-Cindy PowellBee And Flower-Anne LacourtTHIRD PLACE - Bluebells And Sunshine-Amitabh BakshiFIRST PLACE - Bluebells-Amitabh BakshiCherry Blossom-Bob TimbersDandy Lion-Trudy SloanDaphne Eternal Fragance-Tess BoutilierDogwood-Julie GourdeauFairy Bells-Nimisha JimenezFilberg Flowers-Don TaitFlower And Bee-Anne LacourtSECOND PLACE - Flower Dreams-Judy JohnstonHellibore-Bob TimbersHint of Spring-Iris SchurzInside The Beauty-Richard BoyleMagnolia-Bill BentleyMini Dafs-Sean O'ConnellOdd Fawn Out-Nimisha JimenezRhododendron-Bill Bentley