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7 Up-Bill BentleyAll Alone In This Great Big Pond-Wally LewisAt The Beach-Beverly MichalukSECOND PLACE - Beach Walkers-Wink RichardsonBranch Takes A Break In The Snow-Tess BoutilierCameron Lake-Norman MathewCircus Act-Julie GourdeauColumbia Icefield-Anastasia EllisCome Fly With Me-Jim WhyteEmerging-Wink RichardsonFemale Red Winged Blackbird-Katie HubbersteyFire Dance-Nimisha JiminezFirst Sign Of Spring-Don TaitFisherman At Sunset-Nimisha JiminezTHIRD PLACE - Floating On A Cloud-Bill BentleyFlying Falcon-Thomas EllisFrozen For Now-Laura TaitGoose Spit-Norman MathewFIRST PLACE - Hope-Richard BoyleInto The Mist-Cindy Powell