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Cold Enough to Freeze a Bubble-Laura TaitCold Fresh Tracks-Wink RichardsonCold Frosty Farm Yard-Bob TimbersCold Frosty Morning-Bob TimbersCold Stare-Cindy PowellCold, Chilly Morning at the Creek-Iris SchurzComox Lake-Norman MathewFIRST PLACE - Deer in the Cold-Bruce MoffatFrosty Bird Food-Wally LewisGlacier National Park-Trudy SloanHoar Frost-Bill BentleyIce Forest-Bill BentleyIcy Stream-Jim WhyteLonely Sentinal-Wink RichardsonMan Cold-Richard BoyleMargorie Glacier Alaska-Trudy SloanMount Washington-Norman MathewMulti Coloured Frozen Soap Bubble-Judy JohnstonOn the Rocks-Julie GourdeauOut on a Limb-Maxine Mailman